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s w e l e g a n t
sounds like pure soap opera i may cry.
Why, I've never seen such... yuppity! What a swell party this is! 
1st-Sep-2003 05:27 pm

Iggy: Yeah and I got invited to Swel's house... Swelegant's house...
Debbie: Really? Oh.
Iggy: Yeah.
Debbie: Was it nice?
Iggy: Well, I didn't... I didn't go!
Debbie: Oh! Hehe.
Iggy: It woulda been swell though!
Debbie: Shoulda gone!
Iggy: It woulda been elegant!
Debbie: Elegant.
29th-Dec-2004 05:45 pm (UTC) - sorry to intrude
hi, i'm just wandering randomly... a little bit of self publicizing and shamless plugging.

if you like to read (even if you dont) please check out my online portfolio. i am trying to make this into my life, so anything you can tell me is great.


You are a smarty for coming to this party!