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s w e l e g a n t
sounds like pure soap opera i may cry.
Why, I've never seen such... yuppity! What a swell party this is! 
1st-Sep-2003 05:27 pm

Iggy: Yeah and I got invited to Swel's house... Swelegant's house...
Debbie: Really? Oh.
Iggy: Yeah.
Debbie: Was it nice?
Iggy: Well, I didn't... I didn't go!
Debbie: Oh! Hehe.
Iggy: It woulda been swell though!
Debbie: Shoulda gone!
Iggy: It woulda been elegant!
Debbie: Elegant.
24th-Nov-2005 12:59 pm (UTC) - Google showed me the way
Hi Swelegant
I was looking at Google and found my name in your LiveJournal. How did you come to hear about me? Have we ever met?

All the best
Jacob Svendsen, Denmark
You are a smarty for coming to this party!