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s w e l e g a n t

sounds like pure soap opera i may cry.

star of the firing line
2 April

aijicka!!, antique jewellery, apple flavoured candy, architecture (all styles), art galleries, bakelite jewellery, big trees, boy biology, brill new ideas, brooches, cinnamon flavoured gum, classical ballet, climbing big trees, collecting sea glass, cooking, costume jewellery, dark cooking chocolate, debates on economic issues, dinosaurs, dreaming, everything computer related, experimenting, exploring, fashion design, fashion nightmares, girl biology, going on a mission!, graphic design, he-man and she-ra, home cooked prawn crackers, homegrown fruits and vegies, hugs, international webcams, jewellery making, kommissar rex, latin dancing, laundry powder smell, learning about other cultures, learning about things, learning russian, lemon and lime crisps, long aimless drives, long walks on windy days, look! a five word interest!, love letters on post-it notes, milk, morocco, old buildings (all styles), pearl bling, photography (all styles), pirates vs ninjas!, positively brill!, pretentious interest lists ;), random documentaries, ranting about allsorts, reading, samurai films, saying "pants" and "socks", scrap paper, skirts, spontaneous midnight picnics, street cricket, surreal situations, taking the piss, the beach at 3am, the colour pink, the treebox, the invisible pink unicorn (pbuh), the smell of spices, things with a history, trying new things, ukraine, vitali vitaliev's books, wandering around aimlessly, wizz fizz sherbet, writing one page stories